Human Fit Diagnostics – How we work:

The term “diagnosis” is derived from the Greek verb "diagignoskein". It denotes the aspects of a cognitive process from identification to resolution. Human Fit carries out diagnostics in this original sense.

In the case of one of our clients, the work processes of a new management board were stagnating. We created an analysis of the current situation and identified which motives and competencies were available – who was blocking what and why, who was achieving what and why.

Then we clarified what the company’s expectations were. We compared the company’s objectives with the competencies and motives in the group in order to determine what steps needed to be taken. The result showed that not all of the managers were playing an optimal role in the successful strategic direction of the company. This was evident in their motives and in the way that their competencies were being put to use.

By restructuring the board and bringing on new board members, the managers achieved the fit they needed for different tasks in order to be able to successfully lead the company.