[Translate to English:] Unser Tool: KODE® und KODE®X

KODE® and KODE®X – Competency Diagnostics and Development

Together KODE® and KODE®X form a comprehensive methodical package for ascertaining and analyzing competencies. We use a transparent process to determine the current status and target status so that we can provide you with a well-founded basis for staffing and organizational decisions.

We use KODE® to focus on your managers’ competencies and to create a comparison of self-assessments and external assessments, as well as a portrayal of the managers’ competencies under both normal and stressful conditions.

We use KODE®X to concentrate on the strategic demands of your company and to analyze your managers’ competencies, their potential and their possible roles in the company. The standardized design of these two tools guarantees a high level of objectivity.

We are licensed KODE® analysts and trainers and licensed KODE®X consultants.